Lester Wilson

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Lester Wilson was Canadian born and was
converted and then called to pioneer work in the area of North
Carolina in the 1930's. One of his campaigns was held in Clayton,
N.C. in the year 1931. This was a five week campaign with very
good attendance. At the close of the campaign, fifty-one persons
professed faith in Christ. Lester Wilson continued in the area
for the next three years, with ministry of preaching, teaching,
and assisting a small growing assembly of about ninety believers.
In the year 1939, Harold G.Mackay took over these tasks, and
carried them forward for the next four and one half years. By the
year 1946, the assembly was in the hands of local elders, and had
grown to be strong and vibrant.

Over the ensuing years, Lester
Wilson was used of the Lord to plant six healthy assemblies in
the North Carolina area.

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Member for
11 years 46 weeks