Articles & Questions On: Basics for Christians

Articles On: Basics for Christians

Step 13: The Disciple Looks for the Lord's Return and Prepares for the Judgment Seat of Christ Jean Gibson 05-20-2006
Step 12: Worship Jean Gibson 05-20-2006
Step 9: The Disciple's Vision for the Church Jean Gibson 05-19-2006
Step 8: Developments in Effective Use of Spiritual Gifts Jean Gibson 05-19-2006
Step 7: The Disciple's Commitment to Servanthood Jean Gibson 05-19-2006
Step 11: World Vision and God's Eternal Plan Jean Gibson 05-19-2006
Step 10: Setting Spiritual Goals with Eternal Values Jean Gibson 05-19-2006
Introduction to Thirteen Steps in Building Disciples Jean Gibson 05-18-2006
Step 4: Improving Disciple-Making - Part 2 Jean Gibson 05-18-2006
Step 3: Improving Disciple-Making - Part 1 Jean Gibson 05-18-2006
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