Visitation Training, Training Members to Make Effective Home Calls (Leader's Manual)

A Ministry of Fairhaven Bible Chapel

Organizing A Visitation Training Program

A good calling program is never haphazard. It involves a plan, training, goals, prayer and commitment from those participating. An effective training program helps people to overcome the typical sense of fear and inadequacy.

It is not designed to relieve dependency upon the Holy Spirit.

Elders and other men and women should be available for visitation. One or two people cannot do it all. That is why you need to train others. What is needed for an effective visitation and training program?

· A Director to suggest calls; trainers should initiate calls.

· Experienced trainers to assist others.

· Selected trainees. Start with a modest number of prayerfully selected, capable trainees. They should possess normal ability to converse easily with people. Select those who are willing to be committed to the ministry (have them sign a commitment sheet).

· Regular calling night. Monday is good.

· Someone to lead each session. Use videos, audios, manuals.

· Thorough training. Period of systematic instruction before going out (one hour maximum). A typical training schedule is as follows:

Meet at 6:30pm for instruction, discussion, do assignments, prayer time and calls from 7:30 to 9:00pm.

Making Appointments For Calls

In today’s troubled world, there are more people needing visitation than we can effectively reach. Where should we start?

Visitation Training: Training Members to Make Effective Home Calls (Student's Manual)

Visitation Training
Training Members to Make Effective Home Calls
Student’s Manual

A Ministry of Fairhaven Bible Chapel



Memory Verse

Key Question

Way of Life

Week 1

READ: Pastoral and Evangelistic Visitation

Eternal Life: John 10:10b; John 5:24; John 3:16; Romans 5:8

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