Son of Hope - David Berkowitz

May God bless everyone who is reading this message. My name is Romans 10:13. It says, "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." Here it is clear that God has no favorites. He rejects no one, but welcomes all who call upon Him.I know that God is a God of mercy who is willing to forgive. He is perfectly able to restore and heal our hurting and broken lives. I have discovered from the Bible that Jesus Christ died for our sins. He took our place on the cross. He ...


Some folks like to sit down in an evening with a good "mystery" book. As the reader tries to follow the twists and turns of the plot, he is drawn on to the end of the book where finally the villain is captured. Right triumphs over wrong and all live happily ever after. That's what happens in fiction books, but the real stories of life don't always turn out quite that neatly. We live in a world where many happy beginnings don't end that way. The tragic snuffing out of ...

Bold for Christ

This is a true story of something that happened just a few years ago at USC. There was a professor of philosophy at USC who was a deeply committed atheist. His primary goal for one required class was to spend the entire semester attempting to prove that God couldn't exist. His students were always afraid to argue with him because of his impeccable logic. For twenty years, he had taught this class and no one had ever had the courage to stand up to him. Sure, some had argued in class at t...

The Testimony of the Redeemed

“The Testimony of the Redeemed” Psalm 107   There is nothing like the power of personal testimony.   It is one of the most convincing ways to witness for the Lord.   Here is a Psalm that pictures four general ways in which God redeems His people from the hand of the enemy. (v. 2) It is part of a trilogy of psalms (105-107) in which God’s people are exhorted to give thanks to the Lord. It has a primary application to the nation of Isr...

The Call of Levi (Mark 2)

“The Call of Levi”

Mark 2:13-17


Recorded in three of the Gospels, the call of Levi (Matthew) was like all other conversions – a unique miracle of the new birth demonstrating the power and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. In contrast to the healing of the paralytic (2:1-12) in which others worked hard to bring a desperate man to the Savior, this account reminds us of the ability of the Lord to call men and women apart from human instrumentality.


1. A Surprising Call – v. 13

With no previous interest, Matthew was called by the Lord away from his sinful and consuming life-style as a tax-collector. Matthew was the least likely since he had not responded previously to the Lord even though He had regularly ministered in Capernaum and had recently taught the multitude, (v. 14) Matthew being absent.


2. A Sudden Call – v. 14

“As He passed by” – amazing that Matthew responded so quickly! One moment engaged in business, sitting at the receipt of custom the next minute following the Lord. Sitting (and going nowhere), now a follower of Christ and going somewhere. How quickly a person’s life can change.


3. A Simple Call – v. 14

“Follow Me” - No rituals required, no debate, no long discourse, no soul struggle on the part of Levi – just a simple call to salvation. Some people simply need to hear the Gospel to respond and “yes” is all that is needed.

The Final Words of a Faithful Servant (2 Tim. 4)

“The Final Words of a Faithful Servant”

2 Tim. 4:1-8


These are the apostle’s final words to Timothy, his son in the faith. It was written just before his martyrdom at the hands of Nero, the Roman Emperor. (v. 6) It gives us a clear pattern for Christians to follow in their service for the Lord.

1.   The Reminders for a Faithful Servant (v. 1)

Paul charged Timothy before God and the Lord Jesus Christ. This charge was given in light of having to give an account to the Lord in a future Day. Believers will have to give an account at the judgment seat of Christ, which will take place subsequent to His appearing for the Church. (Heb. 9:28) Unbelievers will be judged at the Great White Throne Judgment after Christ’s millennial reign.

From Gaza to Glory (Acts 8)

 “From Gaza to Glory”


Acts 8:26-40


Here is an exciting account of the salvation of a man who while traveling on the road to Gaza became a traveler on the road to Glory.

1.  The Worth of A Soul (v.26)

God sent His servant Philip into the desert for the sake of one individual whose heart had been prepared by the Lord.


2. The Witness of A Servant  (vv. 27-30)

Philip unlike Jonah “arose and went” in prompt obedience to the Lord. Leaving the success of a fruitful ministry in the north, Philip ventured into the isolated wilderness and quickly drew near the eunuch, unconcerned about this man’s great authority and aware of the brief window of opportunity to reach this man with the Gospel. Unashamedly, he engaged the eunuch in spiritual conversation asking him a question that exposed his ignorance and opened the door of opportunity to witness. Not silent, Philip preached Jesus to him as he done to the crowds in Samaria. (v. 5) Philip — good in personal and mass evangelism alike.


From Legalism to Liberty (Philippians 3)

“From Legalism to Liberty: The Affirmations of the Apostle Paul”

Phil. 3:1-21


Given to encourage the Philippian believers in the faith and to avoid the doctrine and attitudes of false teachers.


1. The Apostle’s Admonition (vv. 1-3)

To rejoice in the Lord—the theme of this epistle-repeated again in 4.4

It was not a tedious thing but safe for him to remind them of the need to avoid, false teachers who had mixed legalism with grace calling them “dogs”, “evil workers” and their work of circumcision as “mutilation” God’s strong attitude against those that oppose His grace. The true Christian worships God in the Spirit, rejoices in Christ, and does not trust in the flesh.


2. The Apostle’s Achievements (vv. 4-6)

If legality were the way to heaven, his credentials would easily exceed those who advocated this approach to salvation. Seven achievements are listed: four natural, three attained. Circumcised on 8th day as was Isaac (in contrast to Ishmael in the 13th year - Gen. 17.25) of the favored nation of Israel, of the faithful tribe of Benjamin, born of parents who were both Hebrew, of his own volition – a Pharisee, a persecutor, and perfect as concerning the law.


Are You Ready?


1.   Before I came to Christ, like Israel I came from a line that was ready to perish – “ And thou shalt speak and say before the LORD thy God, a Syrian ready to perish was my father…” (Deut. 26:5)


2.   But thank the Lord, He was ready to forgive – “ For thou, Lord, art good, and ready to forgive; and plenteous in mercy unto all them that call upon thee.” (Psalm 86:5)


3.   Now like the Apostle Paul, I am ready to save sinners through the preaching of the Gospel - “So, as much as in me is, I am ready to preach the gospel to you that are at Rome also.”  (Romans 1:15)


The Visit of the Queen of Sheba (1 Kings 10)

“The Visit of the Queen of Sheba

1 Kings 10:1-13


This is not only a great Gospel picture of how some find the Lord, it is also an example of how the Lord has raised up His people and “blessed them with all spiritual blessings” (Eph.1:3) as pictured by Solomon’s gracious treatment of his people. “Behold, a greater than Solomon is here.” (Matt. 12:42)


1.   Her Investigation (vv. 1-2)

The Queen of Sheba traveled a great distance and spent a great fortune to investigate the claims of others who had been talking about this great King concerning his God. Someone had been talking about Solomon! We should be talking about the Lord in the same way to raise interest in others about our God. (1 Peter 3.15, Psalm 45:1)   Like the Queen of Sheba, many unsaved have weighty matters of the heart to pour out to the Lord.


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