Priesthood of All Believers

Worship, Part 2

The worship of God is not defined anywhere in Scripture. A close study of the subject shows that worship is not confined to praise alone. Worship, as an act of homage or reverence, may flow from the sanctified heart as we acknowledge God’s nature, attributes, ways, or claims. It may express itself as praise, thanksgiving, or in our service. 


The Worship of Believers

Introduction to Worship

A Prepared Offering

“When anyone offers a grain offering to the Lord, his offering shall be of fine flour. And he shall pour oil on it, and put frankincense on it. He shall bring it to Aaron’s sons, the priests, one of whom shall take from it his handful of fine flour and oil with all the frankincense. And the priest shall burn it as a memorial on the altar, an offering made by fire, a sweet aroma to the Lord.” - Leviticus 2:1-2

“Thus the lamb and the meal offering and the oil shall be provided, morning by morning, for a regular burnt offering.” - Ezekiel 46:15

The Christian Priesthood

The Christian Priesthood. C. H. Mackintosh. "Ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should show forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light." 1 Peter 2: 9. We want the reader to open his bible and read 1 Peter 2: 1-9. In this lovely scripture he will find Three words on which we shall ask him to dwell with us for a little. They are words of weight and power — words which indicate three great...

The Priesthood of All Believers

“On the 1st of March, 1546, a scaffold was erected before the Castle of Saint Andrew in Scotland and foggots of dried wood were piled around it…When all was ready two deathsmen brought George Wishart from his prison…He knelt down and prayed before the pile; then exhorted the people to love the word of God and to suffer patiently…as he was tied to the stake he announced, “for the true Gospel which was given to me by the grace of God, I suffer this day by men, not sor...
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