The Lord's Ministry During the Forty Days

It must have been thrilling for the disciples to speak with their resurrected master and to listen to His familiar voice, discussing the “things concerning the kingdom.” Apart from the incident recorded in the Gospels, the only fragment of teaching during the transitional period of Jesus’ forty days after His resurrection is found in Acts 1:1-8. The instructions recorded here are a greatly condensed summary of the principles given to the men to whom the Lord was entrusting the evangelization of the world and the establishment of His kingdom on earth. 

Jesus Sends Witnesses with the Holy Spirit

Work in the Philippines - Ken & Mary Lou Engle - 1951-1975

Summary of the work of Ken & MaryLou Engle in the Philippines, by Cyril Brooks First and longest serving  missionary from the assemblies (served there 1922-1986) Cyril's daughter Rose still serves there, and grandaughter Joyce and husband Ken first went as missionaries in 1987, and were working with assemblies  in the Benguet/Mountain Province area from 2007 to 2017.

excerpted from Cyrils 1985 Autobiography Grace Triumphant


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