The Other War

With all the attention given to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Iraq by the media, there still remain unanswered questions. The largest questions for many Christians are, "How is the Gospel progressing?" and "How are the congregations of Christians faring?" Of course, these questions are far from the thoughts of network newsmen. We know practically nothing about believers in Iraq and Kuwait, although it is said there are some ten assemblies of believers in Kuwait (mainly comp...

Who Loves Muslims?

Even if you don’t know the actual statistics, you see the trend. Islam, religion of the False Prophet, is on the rise around the world. It has inundated Indonesia, stirred the passions of thirty or more nations in the Middle East, is flooding into Western Europe, and may be constructing a mosque in your neighborhood at this very moment. Paul and Carol Bramsen love Muslims, and have served the Lord among the Muslim Wolof people in Senegal, West Africa, since 1991. One of their more effect...

The Way of Righteousness: Good News For Muslims

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