Abraham's Test

Genesis 22 

Genesis 22:1 says, “And God did test Abraham.” Some time later, God did test Abraham. He tested Abraham’s sincerity, loyalty, and faith. The offering of Isaac may have occurred at the place where Solomon built the temple (see 2 Chronicles 3:1). Isaac was not a child, but a young man. Abraham laid the wood for burnt offering on Isaac; this was a heavy load.


Abraham’s Promise

Abraham’s spiritual experience was marked by four great crises, each of which involved a surrendering of something that was naturally dear to him:

    - He surrendered his country and his kindred.

    - He surrendered his nephew Lot, who was especially dear to him, and was his heir and a fellow-believer.

    - He surrendered his own plans for Ishmael.

    - Finally, he surrendered Isaac, his miraculous son.

Abraham wanted a son and heir above anything else. Sarah, his wife, was barren. They had tried everything to have a child, but were unsuccessful. Time ran out. Humanly speaking, there was no hope. Abraham was 100 years old and Sarah was 90. Abraham’s body was dead, and Sarah’s was long past the age of childbearing. 

When Abraham began his walk with God, God promised that He would multiply his seed, that they would be as numberless as the stars, and as numerous as the sand on the seashore (see Genesis 15). God also promised to make him fruitful; that kings would come from his seed, and that through his descendants all nations of the earth would be blessed. In Genesis 17, God again promised Abraham that Sarah would bear him a son, that she would be the mother of nations. 


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