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    How desolate my life would be,

    How dark and drear my nights and days,

    If Jesus’ face I did not see

    To brighten all earth’s weary ways.

    With burdened heart I wandered long,

    By grief and unbelief distressed;

    But now I sing faith’s happy song,

    In Christ my Saviour I am blest.

    Now judgment fears no more alarm,

    I dread not death, nor Satan’s pow’r;

    The world for me has lost its charm,

    God’s grace sustains me every hour.

    I’m overshadowed by His mighty love,

    Love eternal, changeless, pure,

    Overshadowed by His mighty love,

    Rest is mine, serene, secure;

    He died to ransom me from sin…

    He lives to keep me day by day.

    I’m overshadowed by His mighty love,

    Love that brightens all my way.

Copyright 1935 by Geo. S. Schuler in Pastor Ironside’s Gospel Songs. Assigned to Singspiration, Inc.

Altogether Lovely

    Oft I am asked why Christ I love,

    And what He means to me;

    I answer, “He redeemed my soul.

    By dying on the tree.”

    He came from heav’n to rescue me,

    My load of sin He bore;

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