Billy Sunday's Funeral

Prefatory Note

When Mrs. William A. Sunday requested that the funeral of her honored husband should be held in the Moody Memorial Church, our Executive Committee were pleased to comply, for all felt it was most becoming for him who had so often preached from our pulpit to be buried from the edifice reared to the memory of the great evangelist, Dwight L. Moody, who, in an earlier generation, stood so valiantly for the same precious truth that Mr. Sunday proclaimed so fearlessly and energetically.

For myself, I counted it a real privilege and a sacred trust to be permitted to direct the service and preach on this memorable occasion. The full account was published in The Moody Church News, a large extra edition being printed at that time. Owing to requests from all parts of the world for copies, this edition has long since been entirely exhausted, and still the requests come.

Now, at the earnest solicitation of personal friends of “Billy” Sunday, the entire account is presented in pamphlet form, and is sent forth with the sincere hope that it may be blessed of God, not only to large numbers of the evangelist’s own converts but to many others who have heard of his great work. In this way, I trust, the word will be fulfilled concerning him that was written of another so long ago: “He, being dead, yet speaketh.”

H. A. Ironside
Moody Memorial Church, Chicago
June, 1939

“Billy” Sunday Funeral

Reprinted from The Moody Church News of December, 1935

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