First Coming of Christ

Introduction to the Book of Revelation

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

The New Testament opens with the four Gospels telling of the FIRST coming of Christ. The Revelation closes the New Testament with the theme of the SECOND coming of Christ. Within the confines of the book, the Second Coming of Christ and the years immediately preceding it are revealed more graphically than in any other book in the Bible.

There are many ways Revelation has been interpreted:

    1. The ALLEGORICAL or non-literal approach.

    2. The PRETERIST approach: They regard the book as a symbolic picture of early church conflicts that have been fulfilled.

    3. The HISTORICAL approach: They view the content of the book as a symbolic picture of church history in the present age.

Revelation: Chapter 1

The Veil is Rolled Aside

Revelation 1:1-4

Note the blessing, “Grace and Peace Be Unto You,” in Rev. 1:4. This is noteworthy, because this book deals primarily with judgment; it shows how God will judge wicked men. It tells us that the floodgates of God’s wrath, dammed back since Calvary, will burst their banks and pour forth in all their fury. Despite these unalterable facts, God begins the book by telling men and women that they can have what they do not deserve - GRACE. Multitudes will respond to this message, see Rev. 6:9-14. Not only is there grace, but there is also PEACE.

The book deals with the opposite of peace. There is war and bloodshed, conflict and carnage, earthquakes, famine, pestilence, and woe. It tells of war in heaven and wars on earth. It tells of a horrible beast, driven by the devil, torturing and killing the believers. Thunders crash, stars fall, plagues emerge from the abyss, and demons take control of human affairs. Armies are conscripted, consisting of countless millions of men. Yet in the midst of all this war, confusion, and tragedy, God offers PEACE.

Eventually GRACE and PEACE emerge victorious. At the end of the book, the war clouds roll away, the tumultuous conditions quiet, the earth is purged, and a new heaven and a new earth is established in which righteousness dwells and where all is GRACE and PEACE. See Rev. 4:5. The source of this blessing is God - Who is, who was, and who is to come. This signifies an existence derived from no other; He is the self-existing One.

And from the seven Spirits before the throne. This is the Holy Spirit. See Isaiah 11:2. The phrase describes the perfections of the Spirit’s person and the plentitude of His power.

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