Fellowship with Christ

Personal Devotion Essential to Outreach

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“Outreach”: To reach out father than usual, to extend oneself. The second important word in the phrase is “devotion.” Devotion, in its highest form, means dedication, consecration, loyalty, and faithfulness. Devotion means to apply oneself - one’s time and energy to one purpose or person. Brethren, when this first love, this agape love, for Christ is missing, then the spiritual power of the individual is greatly impaired. The effectiveness or the non-effectiveness of our outreach is measured by our love for Christ.

The title given in our address this evening expresses, in a very pertinent way, that personal devotion (holiness-homage-godliness) to Christ is essential before there can be an effective outreach into the world. The aforementioned is not the meaning most of us have of devotion. We talk of our devotions as meaning the short time we spend daily in reading and prayer. The real meaning of devotion is much deeper than this.

There are many brethren who are devoted to the Word. They are faithful and loyal to it. There are others who are devoted to the Lord’s service. They are consecrated to it. There are still others who are devoted to prayer. They are dedicated to the prayer-life. But, there are comparatively few who are devoted to Christ.

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