Illustrations of Bible Truth

By H. A. Ironside, Litt. D.

Moody Press
Copyright, 1945


I think it was Charles H. Spurgeon who said, “The sermon is the house; the illustrations are the windows that let in the light.” Whether this remark was original with him or not, it is very true and deserves to be kept in mind and practically applied by those who would preach the Word in compelling power.

Some object to the use of anecdotes of any kind in preaching and teaching, and think all that is needed is the unfolding of the truth. But most minds are so constituted that they need illustrations to enable them readily to grasp the full import of the message. Our Lord Him self used this method continually and in this, as in other things, He has left “us an example, that ye should follow his steps.”

At the request of valued friends, I have grouped together here many stories and incidents which have served me well throughout a long ministry and which I hope may be used to advantage by others. Many are from my own personal experience and will not be found in the collections of other writers. Some, however, have been used in my books on various subjects. Others are now printed for the first time. I send them forth to the glory of Him who has been to me for over half a century, a wonderful Saviour and a faithful Friend, my ever adorable Lord Jesus Christ.

H. A. Ironside
Chicago, Ill.

Doubtful Things

“He that doubteth is condemned if he eat” (Rom. 14:23, R.V.).

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