Studies in 2 Timothy

After writing his first letter to Timothy, Paul left Corinth and set sail with Titus for Crete. He then left Titus in Crete to set the church in order. (See Titus 1:5) On his return to the mainland, he wrote a letter to Titus, with plans indicating that Paul intended to spend the winter in Nicapolis. (See Titus 3:12) While there, he visited Troas where he was arrested in the house of Carpus and was hurriedly taken to Rome. His arrest was so sudden that he had no time to gather his precious books, parchments, or even his cloak to wrap himself. (See 2 Timothy 4:13) This was the beginning of Paul’s second imprisonment, yet it was different from his first experience of imprisonment. It is clear that in his first imprisonment, he had his own hired help and a full household, yet now he is kept in close confinement.

The Epistle of James

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