Ecclesiology (The Assembly/Local Church)

Commitment or Convenience

And they were continuing stedfastly in the teaching of the apostles, and the fellowship, and the breaking of the bread, and the prayers. Acts 2:42 (Strong) In the New Testament there is only one Church, and all who by faith are in Christ Jesus are in the Church, and as such are members of Christ’s body. (Eph. 1:22-23). However, there are local expressions of the Church, or local assemblies of called–out believers. These local assemblies are to reflect the truth of the One Body, and ...

Introduction To a Study in Church Truth

Contents Foreward I. The necessity for such a study of Church truth The utter confusion which obtains in Christendom How this confusion came into existence The further developments of this confusion The present order of things II. The value of such a study of Church truth to every Christian The problem stated The problem faced The problem solved Foreword This booklet has been written for the purpose of enabling al...

Godly Shepherds and Obedient Sheep

There is a great need in local churches today for godly shepherds. The absence of such shepherds is readily apparent. Many of the saints are as sheep having no shepherd. Many who are referred to as "elders" are more involved in "scheduling" speakers and activities than they are in "shepherding." Sheep are often poorly fed and others simply wander off without the shepherd knowing or searching them out and bringing them back to the fold. (Luke 15:4) Other sheep are suffering and receive l...

Diligence in the Day of Salvation - Luke 19:11-27

“The Parable of the Pounds” or “Diligence in the Day of Salvation” Luke 19:11-27   This parable deals with the responsibility of Christians to make good on the opportunities that the Lord gives to serve Him and represent Him in the world.  It is similar to the Parable of the Talents (Matt. 25) but differs in many respects. This was given on a different occasion, at a different place and has a different emphasis. The parables of the Lord were often s...

The Rebellion of Korah (Numbers 16)

“The Rebellion of Korah”


Numbers 16:1-50




Jude 11 reminds us that there will be three attitudes that will characterize last days’ false teaching: the way of Cain, (salvation   by good works), the error of Balaam (reasoning that God cannot bless people unless they are without sin) and the gainsaying or rebellion of Korah (the disrespect and disregard for properly-appointed leadership). The last attitude has its basis in this portion from Numbers 16 and is practical in at least two ways: 1) to show how apostates will attempt to undermine divinely-appointed leadership and 2) to show even among the Lord’s people that disregarding and undermining the leadership of any local assembly is a serious sin and subject to the Lord’s discipline.



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