The Epistle of James

Studies in Galatians

The Book of Genesis

The Epistles Of John

Copyright 1948
Loizeaux Brothers Publishers
Reprinted by permission 1982

Daniel: The Man And The Message

Walterick Publishers
Kansas City
© 1969

Revelation: A Complete Commentary

Baker Book House
Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1987

Originally published by Grace Publications, Chicago, 1935, under the title, The Book of the Revelation

The text generally used is that of the Revised Version.

Notes on the Books of Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther

Loizeaux Brothers
New York

Expository Notes on the Epistles of James and Peter

Loizeaux Brothers, Inc.
Neptune, New Jersey

First Edition, April 1947
Tenth Printing, December 1973

Notes On The Book Of Nehemiah, Second Edition

By H. A. Ironside

Loizeaux Brothers
New York

Preface To The Second Edition

In going over these pages again after the lapse of nearly twelve years I feel more than ever the importance of the truths on which they insist. The need for holy separation from the world and worldly Christianity is more evident with each passing day, as the dispensation nears its close. On the other hand the need of increasing largeness of heart toward God’s beloved people struggling against the evil and crying for light and for help becomes more manifest. To all such I send forth this little book again on its mission of love.

H. A. Ironside
June, 1925

Prefatory Note

The little book now before the reader has been in contemplation ever since its companion-exposition, “Notes on the Book of Ezra,” was published. If read in connection with that work and also the writer’s “Notes on Esther” (the three issued separately, also in one volume), and the “Notes on Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi” in the volume on “The Minor Prophets,” a connection will be traced throughout.

As heretofore, no attempt has been made to write for scholars or to produce a literary work. But in the simplest way I have sought to emphasize important truths that are being neglected in many places where they need to be pressed more insistently than ever.

The Lord watch over all for His name’s sake.

H. A. Ironside
Nov. 1913

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