Church Discipline


Having reviewed the teaching of these Epistles regarding the church, its constitution and the various forms of its testi­mony, we now come to look at certain perils which threaten its doctrine and its purity. These three letters are full of warnings against false teachers. One of Paul's chief objects in writing was to instruct Timothy and Titus how to deal with them. The emphasis in 1 and 2 Timothy is on doctrine, the healthy teaching, while that in Titus is on the necessity for good works. The...

Discipline in the Church

PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE First of all, it can do so by the godly lives of those who are associated with it. This is fundamental. God desires practical sanctification (1 Thessalonians 4:3). This is why Church truths are not given as an isolated and distinct outline in any one section of the New Testament. Rather, they are found in many different places, and are interspersed with practical instruction for holy Christian living. The Lord does not simply want people who are out...

The Rebellion of Korah (Numbers 16)

“The Rebellion of Korah”


Numbers 16:1-50




Jude 11 reminds us that there will be three attitudes that will characterize last days’ false teaching: the way of Cain, (salvation   by good works), the error of Balaam (reasoning that God cannot bless people unless they are without sin) and the gainsaying or rebellion of Korah (the disrespect and disregard for properly-appointed leadership). The last attitude has its basis in this portion from Numbers 16 and is practical in at least two ways: 1) to show how apostates will attempt to undermine divinely-appointed leadership and 2) to show even among the Lord’s people that disregarding and undermining the leadership of any local assembly is a serious sin and subject to the Lord’s discipline.



Diligence in the Day of Salvation - Luke 19:11-27

“The Parable of the Pounds” or “Diligence in the Day of Salvation” Luke 19:11-27   This parable deals with the responsibility of Christians to make good on the opportunities that the Lord gives to serve Him and represent Him in the world.  It is similar to the Parable of the Talents (Matt. 25) but differs in many respects. This was given on a different occasion, at a different place and has a different emphasis. The parables of the Lord were often s...
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