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The Tabernacle Structure

Exodus 26 – Lesson 4


The Tabernacle was constructed according to a Divine plan. God was the Architect and Moses, the General Contractor. There were many skilled workers used. Bezaleel was the foreman. This man was specially endowed with the Holy Spirit. Similarly, we are workers together with Christ in building His Church, but it is not so much working for the Lord as it is working with Him.

Note the measurements of the structure:

    - 45 feet long, 15 feet wide, and 15 feet high

    - The Holy Place was 30 feet long

    - The Holy of Holies was a perfect cube, 15 feet in all directions

(Note the smallness of the chamber). It is also interesting to note that the New Jerusalem is 1,500 miles cubed (See Revelation 21:16). 


The Tabernacle in the Wilderness


Jehovah of old walked in Eden and held communion with Adam. He visited the patriarchs, the fathers of the nation, but He never had a home on earth until the Tabernacle was erected in the midst of His redeemed people.

    - The Human Intention, Exodus 15:2 - “I will prepare Him an habitation” said the people.

    - The Divine Request, Exodus 25:8 - “Let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them,” said Jehovah.


The Tabernacle

Three questions might be asked regarding this Tabernacle: (1) What is a Tabernacle? (2) Why was the Tabernacle built? And (3) How was the Tabernacle constructed? 

    1. The Tabernacle was the Place of the Divine Presence. When the tabernacle was finished, the glory of Jehovah so filled the sacred enclosure that Moses, the mediator, could not enter (Exodus 40:35).

    2. The Tabernacle was to meet a Divine Purpose. Moses didn’t build a tabernacle and then invite God to come into it. Instead, it was God who conceived the plan and instructed Moses on how it was to be built, for He desired to dwell among His redeemed and chosen people.

    3. The Tabernacle was constructed according to a Divine Pattern. “Look that thou make them after the pattern which was showed thee on the mount,” (See Exodus 25:40). It was because these things had a spiritual meaning that they were to be made according to a heavenly pattern.

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