Preface & Introduction

Ten Years After: A Sequel To The Autobiography Of George Müller

Being An Account Of The Work At The Ashley Down Orphanage, Bristol, For The Ten Years Following The Death Of Mr. Müller

Compiled By G. Fred. Bergin

J. Nisbet & Co., Ltd.


“He counteth the number of the stars.”—Psalm 147: 4.

“The very hairs of your head are all numbered.”—Matt. 10:30.

      My dear Almighty Lord,

      My Conqueror and my King
      Thy sceptre and Thy sword,
      Thy reigning grace I sing;
      Thine is the power;
      Behold I sit
      In willing bonds
      Beneath Thy feet.


In the early thirties of last century the Lord implanted a strong desire in the heart of His servant George Müller, who was then under thirty years of age, to present to the Church and the world a visible, tangible proof that He delights to hear and answer the prayers put up to Him in the worthy name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The lack of faith which Mr. Müller saw around in the children of God, and the growing materialism in the world, moved him in the year 1836 to begin this testimony.

The Lord granted such a measure of success to this effort, that far beyond anything Mr. Müller ever conceived, he was allowed, all through the remaining years of the century, up to his death in 1898, to bear a clear, full, unmistakable testimony to the fact that God is, that He is the living God, and “that He is a rewarder of them that seek after Him.”

Bush , T. C. Bio 2


Bush , T. C. Bio 1


Two O'Clock at Entebbe

At about 6,000 feet we were crossing into Ugandan airspace heading for Entebbe. The azure sky was punctuated with cottony puffs of cumulus. The earth below was deep, rich green. The rains had started. But everything was not as peaceful as the scenery. President Idi Amin had ordered the expulsion of all Asians, limiting them to one suitcase of personal belongings. Only three days before we had heard on the radio that any foreign aircraft flying into Ugandan airspace would be shot down. We couldn...

Nicholson , J. Boyd Sr. Eulogy

J. Boyd  Nicholson Sr.   Boyd Nicholson passed into the Lord's presence on Sunday, November 12, 2000 from MacMaster University Hospital. Beloved husband of Bernice (nee Robertson), loving father of Cathie (Bob) Cretney, J. B. (Louise), and Bill (Rona, deceased). Cherished grandfather of Lynn (David) Shatford, John (Janice), Brian (Jackie) Cretney, Joanna (Zachary) Garner, Beth (Crawford) Paul, Craig, Moira, Heather, Lindsey, Sharon, Andrea, David, and Sara. Great-...

Finishing the Course (Act 20:24)

Understanding and Appreciating the Trials and
Triumphs of the Shepherds of the Flock


Mark Kolchin


During his third missionary journey the Apostle Paul stopped to bid a brief, but poignant farewell to the Ephesian elders. (Acts 20:17-38) The tearful parting on the shores of the Mediterranean was the dramatic culmination of a stirring address that he gave regarding their labors for the Master. His plan had been to sail past Ephesus in order to be in Jerusalem for Pentecost and the opportunities that it provided for the Gospel. But being so close to the city where he had spent nearly three years establishing and strengthening the assembly, it was hard for him not to make a contact. While at Miletus he called for the elders of the church and gave them his own testimony of the toils and tears expended for the sake of the Gospel. Testifying how he had not shunned to declare unto them the whole counsel of God, he charged them to take heed to themselves and to the solemn responsibilities entrusted to them by the Lord. The address that he gave and the example that he exhibited not only provides elders today with a valuable blueprint for shepherding the flock, but it also gives the saints a unique perspective into the arduous, yet often unappreciated work of the oversight.


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