The Seven "I Will's" of Christ

When a man says, "I will," it may not mean much. We very often say "I will" when we don’t mean to fulfill what we say. But when we come to the "I will" of Christ, He means to fulfill it. Everything He promised to do, He is able and willing to accomplish. I cannot find any Scripture where He says "I will" do this or "I will" do that but that it will be done. 1. The "I Will" of Salvation The first "I will" is to be found in John’s Gospel, ch...

Eternally Secure

One of the ways my library has been built has been through gifts of various people. As older people begin to thin out their libraries, I have been the happy recipient of some very good books. At least I presume them to be good books, for in reality I have not read all of them. Some of these volumes "sleep" on my shelves for months or years until by some prompting I get them down and read them. A few weeks ago, I received a note saying that a book had just been reprinte...

Final Perseverance: What is it?

Final Perseverance: What is it? C. H. Mackintosh. Dear Friend, The question of final perseverance, though, in our judgment, a very simple one, has perplexed a great many; and the questions which you introduce to our notice, and the passages of scripture which you adduce, furnish abundant proof that your own mind is not quite clear or settled on the point. It may be, however, that the object of your communication is rather to superinduce such a discussion of the doctrine, in the light of hol...


The Scriptures bearing on Assurance may, for the sake of simplicity and clearness, be divided into sections, viz.:— The Position, Possessions, and Prospects of Believers; or, in other words, the assurance of what we are, of what we have, of what we know, and of what we shall be. Concerning all who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, the following facts are true, as recorded in the Word of God. We AreSaved (1 Cor. 1:18).For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but u...

Safety Certainty, and Enjoyment

If a believer, Why Not Sure of Salvation?
If saved, Why Not Happy?

Which Class Are YOU Traveling?

WHAT AN OFT-REPEATED QUESTION! Let me put it to you, my reader: for traveling you most certainly are — traveling from Time into Eternity and who knows how very, very near you may be at this moment to the GREAT TERMINUS?

Let me ask you then in all kindness, “Which class are you traveling?” There are but three. Let me describe them that you may put yourself to the test as in the presence of “Him with whom we have to do.”

First Class — Those who are saved and who know it. Second Class — Those who are not sure of salvation, but anxious to be sure. Third Class — Those who are not only unsaved, but totally indifferent about it.

Again I repeat my question — “Which class are you traveling?” Oh, the madness of indifference when eternal issues are at stake!

A short time ago, a man came rushing into the railway station and while scarcely able to gasp for breath took his seat in one of the carriages just on the point of starting.

“You’ve run it fine,” said a fellow-passenger.

“Yes,” replied he, breathing heavily after every two or three words, “but I’ve saved four hours, and that’s well worth running for.”

From Gaza to Glory (Acts 8)

 “From Gaza to Glory”


Acts 8:26-40


Here is an exciting account of the salvation of a man who while traveling on the road to Gaza became a traveler on the road to Glory.

1.  The Worth of A Soul (v.26)

God sent His servant Philip into the desert for the sake of one individual whose heart had been prepared by the Lord.


2. The Witness of A Servant  (vv. 27-30)

Philip unlike Jonah “arose and went” in prompt obedience to the Lord. Leaving the success of a fruitful ministry in the north, Philip ventured into the isolated wilderness and quickly drew near the eunuch, unconcerned about this man’s great authority and aware of the brief window of opportunity to reach this man with the Gospel. Unashamedly, he engaged the eunuch in spiritual conversation asking him a question that exposed his ignorance and opened the door of opportunity to witness. Not silent, Philip preached Jesus to him as he done to the crowds in Samaria. (v. 5) Philip — good in personal and mass evangelism alike.


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