Reversing the Trend

"Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent." (Rev. 3:3). Perhaps you are in an assembly where gradual changes have been occurring. The Lord’s Supper is no longer viewed as very important. Attendance was down and the decision was made to appoint one man to orchestrate the service. It was also suggested that women be free to participate vocally. Now they seem to be more vocal than the men. Since the elders were not doing their wor...

The Form of a Servant

     "Christ Jesus: who, being in THE FORM OF GOD, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: but made Himself of no reputation, and took upon Him THE FORM OF A SERVANT, and was made in the likeness of men" (Philippians 2:5-7).       In His life, Christ hides His glory "the form of God," under the "form of a servant" as illustrated in the gospels. When asked for tribute, He pays the custom for Peter and Himself by commanding a fish from the se...

The Impeccable Christ

It is not uncommon for erroneous doctrine to confine itself to one verse, or a few isolated references. This is nowhere more true than in the Kenosis theory. For this very reason we review the setting in which its key text is found. It has been well said, “For any one to pick out certain statements in that tradition which emphasizes the humanity of Jesus and on the basis of those, to represent Him as merely human, is as erroneous as to pick out certain other statements which emphas...

From Legalism to Liberty (Philippians 3)

“From Legalism to Liberty: The Affirmations of the Apostle Paul”

Phil. 3:1-21


Given to encourage the Philippian believers in the faith and to avoid the doctrine and attitudes of false teachers.


1. The Apostle’s Admonition (vv. 1-3)

To rejoice in the Lord—the theme of this epistle-repeated again in 4.4

It was not a tedious thing but safe for him to remind them of the need to avoid, false teachers who had mixed legalism with grace calling them “dogs”, “evil workers” and their work of circumcision as “mutilation” God’s strong attitude against those that oppose His grace. The true Christian worships God in the Spirit, rejoices in Christ, and does not trust in the flesh.


2. The Apostle’s Achievements (vv. 4-6)

If legality were the way to heaven, his credentials would easily exceed those who advocated this approach to salvation. Seven achievements are listed: four natural, three attained. Circumcised on 8th day as was Isaac (in contrast to Ishmael in the 13th year - Gen. 17.25) of the favored nation of Israel, of the faithful tribe of Benjamin, born of parents who were both Hebrew, of his own volition – a Pharisee, a persecutor, and perfect as concerning the law.


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