The Tribulation, and those who are to pass through it

Lecture 6 - Matthew 24:15-32 The subject for consideration tonight is the great tribulation, — the light which Scripture affords as to those on whom it shall fall, and as to those who shall escape it, though destined, according, to the word of God, to be then on the earth; and, consequently, its character and object in the mind of God. That the Christian must make up his mind to endure tribulation in this world is unquestionable. Our Lord prepares His disciples for no other portion. ...

The Jews in relation to the Coming of the Lord

Lecture 2 - Matt. 23:37-39. Our Saviour’s words seem to me to be clear and conclusive. They meet a notion that prevails too largely even among the children of God — the notion that God has done with the Jew as such; that there is no longer a hope for them, as a nation; that they are merely to be converted individually now, or it may be later on multitudinously, as Christians through the preaching of the gospel, to be brought into the membership of the body of Christ, and joined with t...

To Lose Your Wealth

Matthew 16:26. To loose your wealth is much. To lose your health is more. To loose your soul is such a loss that no man can rest. ...

Matthew--Romans 7: Holy Spirit Ministry

Do not look for the churches experiences in the prophecies of Matthew, Mark and Luke. The Gospel of Matthew is the Gospel of the Kingdom. Christ is the prophet that should come. He shows them that the Temple must come down. He shows them the Spirit of the Law. Roman 7 is not the present experience of a Christian.  The first few verses show that—We are not in the flesh—and those that were and who were awakened by the Spirit of God—had this experience—Roman 8 Ye are not in t...


Matthew 1:23. Immanuel, God with us, is tantamount to “Christ in us, the Hope of Glory.” And if Christ be in us, and with us, in this world, it is an infallible earnest, and an invaluable pledge, of our being “With Christ in God” forever, in the world to come. Thus “the highest Heavens are the habitation of His Glory; and the humble heart hath the next honor, to be the habitation of His grace.” What ground, then for repining is here? Believer, if thou hast the pledge, thou shalt h...

Chapter 4 - The Gospels

1. The Synoptic Gospels We now come to a more detailed examination of the Gospels. We have already indicated some of the evidence for their date and early attestation; we must now see what can be said about their origin and trustworthiness. The study of Gospel origins has been pursued with unflagging eagerness almost from the beginning of Christianity itself. Early in the second century we find Papias, bishop of Hierapolis in Asia Minor, gathering information on this and kindr...

Chapter 5 - The Gospel Miracles

Before we leave the Gospels, something ought to be said about the miracle stories which are found in them. Anyone who attempts to answer the question which forms the title of this book must recognize that for many readers it is precisely these miracle-stories which are the chief difficulty in the way of accepting the New Testament documents as reliable. To some extent it is true to say that the credibility of these stories is a matter of historical evidence. If they are related by author...

Matthew 7

Generally speaking the Sermon on the Mount covers three distinct areas of the believers life.
    (1) In chapter 5 we have the believers relation to the world.
    (2) In chapter 6 we have the believers relation towards God.
    (3) In chapter 7 we have the believers relation towards his fellow believers.

Campbell Morgan calls chapter 7 “a summary of principles of action.”

This chapter opens by forbidding hypocritical judgment of others. There seems to be a connection between the opening salvos and the Lord’s provocative teaching about earthly riches. The poor may have been critical and censorious of the rich. Conversely, the rich may have been wrongly judging the poor.

Verse 1, “Judge not, that ye be not judged”

There are some areas of the Christian life where it is improper to judge another.
    (1) We should not judge another’s motives. Only God can read them.
    (2) We should not judge outward appearances, John 7:24.
    (3) We should not judge those with conscientious scruples, Rom 4:3-13.
    (4) We should not judge the service of another Christian, 1 Cor 4:1-5.
We must avoid the sin of continually finding fault - being harsh - critical - censorious.  When we are tempted to judge any of these things, we should remember Rom 14:10.  But why dost thou judge thy brother? For we as well as he will stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ.

While the foregoing may be true there are areas in which Christians are commanded to judge.
    (1) When disputes arise between believers, they should be judged and settled in the church and not in the civil court, 1 Cor 6:1-8.

Matthew 17

During the time the Lord and His three favored disciples were on the Mount of glory, the rest of the group were having their problems in the valley.  They had miserably failed in a healing mission.  The distraught father was waiting for the Savior.  Kneeling before Him, he asked the Savior to have mercy on his son.  He suffered terribly from some form of epilepsy, which caused him to fall into the fire and into water.  The father had taken his son to the disciples fr...

Matthew 18


Verses 1-4

Despite the teachings of Jesus regarding the spiritual aspect of the kingdom, the disciples had not understood. Hence they asked the question, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”


To answer their question Jesus called a little child to Him.


When they had gathered round Him, Jesus revealed two great principles,

(1) For men to be converted and enter this spiritual kingdom they must become childlike in their faith.

(2) Those that would be great in this kingdom must live humbly as a little child.


The Lord is the great example. John 13 and Philippians 2. Note that these standards and values are the exact opposite of those practiced in the natural world. “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:3.


In verses 5-6 there seems to be a switch from the natural to the spiritual. Blessed thought, that those who receive and care for a newborn babe in Christ actually receive Christ Himself.


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