In this epistle we have the unfolding of the grace of God in all its fulness, not merely the application of His righteousness to man’s need on His part, but God from out of Himself, and for Himself, as the adequate motive and object before Him, even His own glory. Hence it is that righteousness disappears in this epistle. We have had the gospel thus in all the epistles that have gone before. In Romans, in 1st and 2nd Corinthians, and in Galatians righteousness was largely used. It was deve...

"An habitation of God through the Spirit."

Lecture 9 - Eph. 2

Though I have read this chapter of the epistle as a whole, my intention is to take up almost exclusively the last few words: the reason why will appear presently. The Holy Spirit views the Church, not merely as the body of Christ, but as the habitation of God. The body of Christ specially brings before us our communion with Himself as a head in heaven; the habitation of God connects itself just as simply and clearly with the actual place of the Church now on the earth. This is not the only difference; but it is considerable, and important too. Nevertheless both agree in this, that there can be neither the body of Christ any more than the habitation of God, save through the, Holy Ghost, and founded upon redemption. This is of great consequence doctrinally, but it is not less so practically. Collaterally also it decides, to any man who is really subject to God’s word, the limits of the Church — the time when its formation began. Thus the Church is consequent on redemption.

The Christian Home (Ephesians 5)

An interesting truth emerges as we study the New Testament regarding men who were brought to Christ.  The home became their first sphere of testimony: 

- The demoniac man, recently healed was told by the Lord “To go home.” (Mark 5:19) 
- When Peter left his fishing he took the Lord home. (Mark 1:29)
- The Philippian jailer, after his conversion, turned over his home to the Lord. (Acts 16)

An open home for the Lord and His people is the stamp of reality of our faith in Christ. (Lydia – Acts 16). The greatest honor that a family can have is to have the Lord dwelling in their home.


Our Conduct in the Home

Ephesians 5:2“Walk in love, as Christ has loved us.”

First: Love. This is the first requirement of an ideal Christian home. That same love that thrilled you and prompted you to ask your partner to marry you, should be constantly displayed in the home. Our love for each other should be similar to the love Christ has for us.  It is into such a home that Jesus will come, making it a veritable heaven upon earth.


Things to Avoid


Introduction The epistle to the Ephesians gives us the richest exposition of the blessings of the saints individually, and of the assembly, setting forth at the same time the counsels of God with regard to the glory of Christ. Christ Himself is viewed as the One who is to hold all things united in one under His hand, as Head of the assembly. We see the assembly placed in the most intimate relationship with Him, as those who compose it are with the Father Himself, and in the heavenly positio...

The Kind Kind - Ephesians 4:32

"Kill your enemies." (vs.?) What Bible is that in? I cannot seem to find the chapter and verse in mine. The verse that comes closest is in fact the opposite. Jesus said, "Love your enemies." Killing your enemies is easy. Loving your enemies, now that is something else. It is something else. It is real Christianity. What kind of Christianity is real? It is the kind that is found in Christ. It is the place where truth and mercy meet. (Psalm 85:5). I believe the real kind of Christianity is...

Dwelling - Ephesians 3:17

"That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith…"  Eph. 3:17 How can the God that made the universe fit within this tiny sphere of the human heart?   How can the Lord of all, of Heaven and earth, and things under the earth, dwell in such a little space you ask?   The answer is, by faith.    Faith does not make God smaller, it makes us bigger.   Large is the soul that would welcome such a guest.   Small is the person and the life that turns him...

Perfect - Ephesians 2:8-9

“For the perfecting of the saints…”   It seems some “saints” are not yet perfect   (Eph. 4:12).   I belong to this imperfect group.  God is light and absolute moral perfection.   Only God is perfect.  No sin or sinner can approach this altogether Holy One and survive.   As certain germs are destroyed by their very exposure to the sun, so a sinner (because of the nature of sin) cannot approach, let alone survive   in God’s holy...

Introduction to Ephesians

At the close of the Epistle to the Romans we noticed that the Apostle Paul earnestly desired the establishment of the saints in a two-fold way; first, "according to my Gospel," and second, "according to the revelation of the mystery." Romans gives us a full unfolding of the former, while Ephesians more fully than any other epistle reveals to us the latter. Romans moreover, while instructing us in the fulness of the grace of God, presents it to us as meeting in all particulars our ne...

Ephesians 2

The church is not yet completed, and the saints are here in weakness, but our Head is exalted far above all by the surpassing greatness of divine power, and this exhibits how great is the power that works toward us in life-giving energy. Hence chapter 2 simply opens with, "And you, who were dead in trespasses and sins." God's power has wrought, "in Christ . . . and you." It wrought in Christ when He was dead on account of our trespasses and sins. It wrought in us when we were dead in our...

Ephesians 3

Having presented us with this great unfolding of truth, Paul commences to exhort us to walk in a way that shall be worthy of such an exalted vocation. This may be seen if the first verses of chapters 3 and 4 are read together. The whole of chapter 3 excepting verse 1, is a parenthesis, in which he points out how definitely the Lord had entrusted to him the ministry of all this truth-which he calls, "the mystery"-and in which he again puts on record that which he prayed for the Ephesian ...
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