Revealing the Family of God; with their father, in the world, in the last days.

Kilmarnock, Scotland:
John Ritchie, Publisher of Christian Literature.


These Lectures, delivered in Beresford Chapel and the Iron Room, Upper Clapton, were taken down in shorthand for the pages of a magazine for Christians, through which channel they have been used of God as a means of enlightenment and comfort to thousands of the Lord’s people.

After careful revision and considerable enlargement by the Author, they are sent forth in the present collected form, with the earnest hope and prayer that the Lord may still more abundantly use them for His glory, in the edification of His own people during this “little while,” so soon to usher in the morning without clouds—the hour of His appearing, who hath promised to come to take us

“To dwell with Him, to see His face,
And sing the glories of His grace.”