Not Knowing the Truth.

In the early part of last century many of the Lord’s people were led to see from the Word the simple and Scriptural way of how Christians ought to meet for worship and testimony, free from all human traditions. God and the Word of His grace was seen to be all they needed (Acts 20:32). It was no small matter to leave old associations and break many tender ties; but the truths they had learned had become so precious that they were prepared to suffer the loss of all things for Christ, and for the excellency of the knowledge of Him (Phil. 3:8).

A new generation has arisen among us who have not had the same exercise of heart, as their fathers; many of them have a shallow conception of the truth of their Church position, and are unable to give a satisfactory reason for where they are. Their parents were connected with the Assembly and they, as a matter of course, attended until God revealed Christ to them as their Saviour, and they took their place with His saints. Very likely the step cost them nothing. Others are among us because they like the way of gathering, or because they were saved at the Gospel meeting.

But if the question is asked as to what Scriptural reasons have they for being in the Assembly, how few can give a proper answer. Though this may be the case, we are, however, thankful to God to see them all where they are, and hope they will be happy in the Lord and in the fellowship of His people; yet we would very much like to see an apprehension of the truth which gathers us to the peerless Name.

There is need for clear ministry of the Word bearing upon our Church position, equally with the truth of our condition as saints. Such teaching is plainly before us in the Word, and can be so presented as not to foster in the heart a feeling of self-complacency, saying, “We are the people!” Nay, rather will the thought of the worthiness of Christ beget in the heart a devotion which surrenders all names for His Name, and will foster a humility of mind at the grace of God in leading us into His truth.