Judgment Seat of Christ.

It is well ever to keep in mind the “day of account” that is coming for us all. We are “stewards of the manifold grace of God” (1 Pet. 4:10), and as such shall have to render to our Lord an account of our stewardship. All that we are accountable for must needs be brought before the appointed Auditor, our Lord Jesus Christ. The Word of God has announced,” We shall all stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ,” and “every one of us shall give account of himself to God” (Rom. 14:10-12); moreover, “God shall bring every work into judgment” (Eccl. 12:14). There can be no exemptions.

The idea held by some is that the Judgment Seat will be simply the joyous occasion of the distribution of rewards, and the conferring of honours, and the giving of praise and glory to all who deserve it; which is far from being the full truth of the matter. It will certainly be all this, but more. There will also be “hidden things of darkness” come to light; “counsels of the hearts” made manifest (1 Cor. 4:5); the wrong materials used in our building operations will be revealed and burned; great losses suffered; rewards arid honours forfeited for ever (1 Cor. 3:10-15). Oh, think of it! How sobering to our minds should be this serious aspect!

All the redeemed family will share equally the Father’s love and the many glorious privileges of His Home on high, the eternal abode of His myriad hosts of sons and daughters. But in the Kingdom to come, the places of honour and the rewards are apportioned to those who have merited them, according to their degrees of faithfulness on earth (Matt. 25:23, Luke 19:12-19).

The question of our eternal salvation will not be raised at the Judgment Seat; that was long since settled at the Cross for every believer. The fact of our standing before Christ in our bodies of immortality disposes completely of such an idea. It is the Lord judging His people as to their testimony, works and service down here; approving and disapproving; rewarding and withholding rewards; adjusting all things by His perfect standard, once for all.

With everything finally settled and all the Lord’s people having received their due, tears wiped from weeping eyes, then will the eternal glory be ushered in. No more will a cloud cross our sky, sorrow and pain will be felt no more at all, and the Church will appear “as a Bride adorned for her husband” (Rev. 21:2). Happy day that will never have a night!

Though solemn and searching as this subject is in certain respects, yet we can thank God for the Judgment Seat of Christ. It will mean much to have had the mind of Christ upon everything; with His correct estimate of all; so that never a question shall ever be raised again; but there will be the feeling of full acquiescence with all His judgment, without a tinge of jealousy at others receiving more honours than ourselves; all saints perfectly happy together, for ever, in the eternal glory of God!