Translating Baptism.

In the Scriptural ordinance of Baptism we declared our death, burial and resurrection with Christ, that henceforth we should walk in newness of life (Rom. 6:4). The old “I “reckoned as dead and buried, with all his ways; vet raised to life as “a new creature “in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17).

Was Baptism merely our obedience to an ordinance of the New Testament? It was that, and much more. It was intended to be a governing principle of life for the rest of our days on earth, that is, the day-by-day reckoning- of ourselves as fully identified with Christ: “As He is, so are we in this world “(1 John 4:17).

What sanctifying power has such truth when introduced into the daily affairs of life! Are we ceasing to translate Baptism into practical living? Since the day we were buried in the water, typical of death, and rose again from the figure of the grave, in the professed experience of a new life, dead and buried to all the former worldly manner of living, and now alive to God in the Kingdom of His dear Son: God has been looking for clear proof of all we professed. Has he found it? The time since our Baptism has tested us. Where God by the Holy Spirit has done a real work in the soul, there should be a marvellous change that cannot be hid to the eyes of all living. Where is the good of Baptism if not followed by death to sin, self and the world; and by the exhibition of heavenly tastes, desires and works? If we have at all failed thus to live, let us turn again to the Lord with contrite confession, and He will forgive us and heal our backslidings; and though the loss suffered cannot be regained, yet the rest of our time may now bear fruit to God’s praise.

We are in the Laodicean stage of the Church’s history, which is just before the coming of the Lord (Rev. 3:14-22). One solemn statement characterises it: “Lukewarm, neither cold nor hot.” So distasteful is it to Him that He declares, “I will spue thee out of My mouth.” Laodicea has much profession and seeming prosperity, yet possessing- nothing of real value in the sight of Heaven. Let us be among the overcomers of this closing period, who hear the Master’s voice as He stands at the door and knocks; and who open to Him, and He enters and sups with them and they with Him!