Abridged and revised

Thirteenth Edition.

Keeling & Mundy Limited, Printers, Palmerston North.


For more than forty years the writer has enjoyed the highly valued privilege of contributing articles, from time to time, to various magazines. This ministry the Lord has graciously used to the spiritual good of thousands of His dear saints in many lands, and even to this day expressions of appreciation are heard. We bow in worship before our God that He should thus bless our humble service.

The aim throughout has been to give practical ministry for the heart and conscience, and to exalt the .Father’s well-beloved Son. No attempt is made at scholarly teaching; but to give plain, simple, heartsome matter that all can understand and appreciate.

We offer this modest little Book to the reader, with heartiest wishes for his spiritual welfare; and we pray that the Lord who called us to His service long, long ago, may graciously accept this further effort to feed His flock. He is indeed worthy of all we can do.

The Book is issued free, as the Lord provides. Thirteen editions have now been printed, 41,000 copies in all. Anyone wishing to extend this ministry can have some copies, and welcome, by making application to the undersigned. The same offer applies to the other publications, viz., “The Church of God, its Truths and Principles,” “The Lord is Coming,” “Story of a Life Yielded to God”—all free.

Franklin Ferguson.


40 Fitzroy St., Palmerston North, New Zealand.