Summary of the Epistle

In Philippians, God has placed a glorious object before the saint, and enjoined a godly carelessness about all else, so that that object may be won.

Sin is not mentioned in the Epistle. Joy and rejoicing are mentioned sixteen times. To be faithful is to be joyful. Devoted Christians who follow the Lord fully, are a rejoicing people.

Philippians shews us how we are to apprehend that for which we are apprehended by Christ Jesus. It views the believer as pressing on towards the mark for “the prize of God’s calling up on high,” through God working in us day by day.

Salvation” in this Epistle is regarded as already ours, “your own salvation.” Yet we are said to be working it out and looking for the Saviour. For salvation in Philippians is looked at as the result of the race, and includes the complete deliverance which shall be ours at the coming of the Saviour.

Fellowship” is largely spoken of also in this Epistle, and in varied forms—see Chapters 1:5; 2:1; 3:10; 4:14 (R.V.).

All things” in Chapters 3:8; 3:21; 4:12, 13, 18 (R.V.), beautifully set forth the loss and the gain of being out and out for Christ.

The theme throughout is Christ; Divine principles centered in the Person of Christ; Christ in the believer, and Christ before the believer as His example and his goal. Here also we have the believer’s daily progress, conflict and victory. The secret springs of His strength, to do and to suffer for Christ.

Chapter 1. Christ the Life. The Gospel mind in the saint, with Christ as his object for life and service.

Chapter 2. Christ the Pattern. The humble mind in the saint, with Christ on earth as his example in obedience and character.

Chapter 3. Christ the Object. The earnest mind in the saint, with Christ in glory as his goal.

Christ the Strength. The peaceful mind in the believer, with Christ for his need and care.

Chapter 1:6, is an epitome of this entire Epistle.