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To my Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ
To the Saints who gather in His Name
who have shown me through the Eternal Spirit
the delight and duty of true worship of the Father
and the abiding values of
the great Sacrifice for poor sinners
on Calvary’s Cross
I dedicate this third volume of meditations


This, may it be said to the praise of the Spirit of God who inspires the thought, is my third volume of meditations on Worship and Remembrance. It is in the assemblies of the Lord’s people, sometimes known as “the brethren,” that I have, during the past twenty years, discovered the value and amiableness of the exercise of true worship. This exercise is of the utmost importance, and it should be the daily duty of all believers to offer their adoring worship and praise to God, our Father, through the atoning merits of His beloved Son, and the energies of the eternal Spirit.

I have found in the assemblies that my spirit has been much exhilarated by the melody and harmony of meaningful and suitable psalms, hymns, and divine songs; by the rich communions with God offered in adoring worship at His footstool; and by visions of His excellent glories and perfections as Scriptures have been suitably used and applied.

I trust that all who read this volume may be brought more and more to worship “in the beauty of holiness” and “in spirit and in truth.” May they be enabled to express their profound thanksgiving and appreciation for our Lord’s atoning and substitutionary sacrifice on Calvary’s cross. Nothing else but such exercises will be sufficient to prepare us for employments and happiness of Heaven.

I am again indebted to my trusty friends at Prairie Bible Institute, Mrs. Eileen Firth and Mr. Bertram Shelton, for their very thorough revision of my manuscript, polishing my rough stones in so many ways. And I owe so much to my dear friends, Mr. and Mrs. Elie Loizeaux and Miss Marie Loizeaux, for superintending the editing and setting up of the type, and for the printing.

I very much appreciate all the encouragement and help in so many more ways, with all three volumes of Worship and Remembrance. My thanks also to Miss Cathy Tune of Prairie for her typing of this volume.

Daniel Smith