Meditations on the Lords Supper

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My first book of meditations on the Lord’s Supper, entitled Worship and Remembrance, and comprised of forty-four such meditations, has proved a real blessing to those who seek to worship God “in spirit and in truth,” and who have great appreciation of the substitutionary sacrifice made by our Lord Jesus Christ on Calvary’s cross.

Many and sweet have been the testimonies sent me that precious souls were nurtured by the messages and hymn quotations.” Within two years 5,000 copies in two editions were dispersed, mostly sold privately while I was conducting meetings, and quite a number by written requests for the book.

We servants of the Lord, set apart by Him for the work of the ministry, live and rejoice when the Lord’s people, for whose spiritual good we watch and labor, enter into the full faith of the gospel, exercise themselves in worship before the Lord God, and fill their hearts with rapturous, adoring praise of Him whose abounding love has redeemed us.

It is my prayer, in sending forth this new series of fifty messages, that this also shall minister to your spiritual welfare, and that the Holy Spirit will work mightily and mercifully in your heart to make these things real to you. If this proves to be so, then I shall count my labor in writing the book light indeed, and my prayers all too few.

I thank God that through this humble means I have this touch upon your life and this access to your home. It is my friendly whisper to your heart of the very essence of divine truth and revelation, and a kindly directing of your eye to Him who is “fairer than the children of men” (Psalm 45:2), and who alone is worthy of your worship, praise, and adoration forever.

My gratitude is again extended to my two friends, Mrs. Eileen Firth and Bertram Shelton, for scanning the manuscript and making necessary adjustments. The hymns quoted are almost all from the hymnbooks currently used in our assembly worship meetings. My daughter Roxie, now of Arlington, Washington, has again come to my aid with her work in typing the manuscript.

Your ministering servant,
Daniel Smith