Appendix B: Leadership

Every disciple may not necessarily be a “born leader” or even a gifted one.   Still, a true disciple is an example, which is the core of excellent leading and training.   Such a person will obviously be followed.   Therefore, any disciple should consider the role, function, and model of leadership.   They should exhibit the personal qualities and actions of good leaders.


Leaders Share


This excludes dominating actions of a strong personality (III John 9-10).   No person has all the gifts or all the wisdom necessary.


Leaders Initiate Action


This requires positive action to carry forward Biblical commands.   They must bear responsibility before God for the outcome of their stewardship, whether it is that of weakness or spiritual strength (I Peter 5:2-4; Hebrews 13:17).   Responsible leadership never just prays and leaves to God what requires human action.   Leadership should take all necessary steps to assure that fellow believers function according to the mind of God.   This includes soundness of spiritual life as well as sound doctrine.


Leaders Model


Leaders should model the life and character of the Lord Jesus Christ, being examples to the flock, as those spiritually qualified (Hebrews 13:7-8).   Spirituality, not seniority, should be the chief qualification.   They are not “lords over God’s heritage” (I Peter 5:3).   Proper function must accompany spirituality (Acts 20:28).   





Rate yourself on each quality – (1) Definitely     (2) Somewhat     (3) Doubtful


1.          Spiritual


            Wholeheartedly seeking to live for Christ.


2.          Sacrificial


            Willing to lay down your life for fellow believers.


3.          Servant


            Ready like Jesus to willingly serve others


4.          Disciplined


            Your life is well managed in time use.   You can make yourself do what is required when you don’t feel like it.


5.          Decisive


            Ready to make a decision when required (not vacillating, procrastinating, avoiding).


6.          Energetic


            Not easily wearied in serving the Lord.


7.          Sense of Direction


            You know where you are going in life and where the church needs to go (vision).


8.          Courageous


            You are able to handle criticism and opposition without giving up.


9.          Positive Outlook


            You expect to achieve success in areas to which you are committed; not pessimistic, negative.


10.        Discerning - Perceptive

Generally you have good judgment about the abilities and character of others.




Rate yourself on each quality – (1) Definitely     (2) Somewhat     (3) Doubtful


1.          Stands in front as needed


            Steps forward rather than remaining in background in most situations.


2.          Imparts Vision


            Frequently inspires confidence in others with your ideas and influence.


3.          Initiates


            Frequently begins new efforts to meet needs rather than waiting for others to act.


4.          Communicates


            Listens well, expresses ideas persuasively and without frequent misunderstandings.


5.          Organizes


            Spends necessary time in planning and organizing things needed to be done.   Not haphazard, nonsystematic.


6.          Delegates


            Draws others into activities, according to their ability, and utilizes them well.   Checks results and accepts responsibility for their performance.


7.          Motivates Others


            Inspires others to make decisions and take action.   One who exercises a great positive influence.


8.          Overcomes Obstacles


            Sees problems as opportunities.   Is not easily discouraged.   An achiever – not an excuse maker.


9.          Accepts Responsibility


            Willing to accept blame when things go wrong in their areas.   Does not blame others for failures.


10.        Handles Pressure Well

Remains calm in crisis or when duties multiply heavily.   Perseveres rather than quits.