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Publishers of  the Believer´s Bible Commentary by William MacDonald
Update April 2006

NT = Commentary on the New Testament, OT =Commentary on the Old Testament

You will find these languages:
NT: Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Burmese, Chinese (two editions – Simple and Classic), Croatian, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Malayalam, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Urdu and Vietnamese.
OT: Albanian, Chinese (two editions – Simple and Classic), German, Korean, Romanian and Spanish, Turkish and Urdu.

Price: Due to changes in the exchange rates or postage the price might vary. Sometimes the price is given in Euro, the European Currency. At present 1 Euro is about $1.20

George Sturm
New Testament is complete in three Volumes. OT: First Volume (Genesis to Esther) is published.
Lagja Nr 1 Rruga e Korcas,
Pogradec, Albania
or cell phone via MK tel: +355-38-2231763
price: per volume $US 5.- plus shipping
pay: send k to Christian Missions in Many Lands, P.O. Box 13, Spring Lake, NJ 07762 USA, with a short note saying these monies should be given to George Sturm.

Arabic, NT
3 Volumes (Matthew to John, Acts to Philippians and Colossians to Revelation)
Mr. Essam Khalil
We sell the complete set (3 Volumes for the NT) for 75 LE (Egyptian pounds) which is about 13.20 US$.  That doesn't include shipping. Shipping cost to the states is about 16.75 US$; then the total cost per one set is almost 30 US$. (2006)

Bulgarian, NT,

Veren Publishers,
Slavejkov Pl. 1
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
phone (00359) 2 9816241
fax (00359) 2 9805765
E-mail or fax is best to use. Post is not very secure. Phone is OK but it is not sure that someone who speaks English will answer.
prices (2002) Volume 1 (4 Gospels): $5.-Volume 2 (Acts to 2. Corinthians, including James to Judas, which are in our Bible between Acts and Romans) - $6.; Volume 3 (Galatians to Revelation) - $7. For booksellers our discount is 30%. We give the same discount if some buys the whole set at once: $ 12.5. for the set of three volumes.
Check or bank transfer are possible. VISA not yet.
postage: one set (three vol.) to Germany air: $ 10., surface $9. To the US: air $14., by surface $11.

Burmese, NT

John Short,
Christian Reading Room
P. O. Box 95413
Hong Kong SAR of China

Chinese, NT and OT, simplified or classic script,

Contact Person: Ivan Ng
Living Stone Publishers Ltd.
Block B, 7/F., Fast Ind. Bldg., 658 Castle Peak Road,
Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon,
Hong Kong
Phone 852-2323-2168   Fax: 852-2325-5513
Free or at cost copies will be given for ministry purpose. Please write in for details.

Croatian, NT,
Postfach 110135
33661 Bielefeld
3 Volumes, hardcover, Price: 29.70 Euro; discount 50%, postage to US for one set 9.- Euro (in 2004)
Also available in Croatia at :
Müller Uwe

French, NT

Jean Paul Burgat, 
La Joie de l’Eternel;
B.P. 1;
F-25660 Saone, FRANCE
phone 01133-3-81557940 fax – 01133-3-81558274;
CBD, Commentaire Biblique du Disciple: Hardcover and plastified integra, Service d'Orientation Biblique, Plaza Laval, 2750, Chemin de SteFoy, SAINTE-FOY (Québec), Canada
Prices: CBD=47 euros (hard cover) distributor get 55% discount.Bookseller 33%
CBD Africa (CBDA), integra; prices can differ from 8 to 20 euros,
ORDER:For Europe and all countries except North America:
To La Joie de l'Eternel (Association loi 1901, non profit asbl) 24,A,Grande Rue,
F-25660-SAONE, France. Tél: 03 81 55 79 40, Fax: 03 81 55 82 74,
Postage for Germany; service prioritaire (rapid) 14.94 euros for one CBD.
ATTENTION: The CBDA edition is only for Africa or poor countries.

German, NT, and OT

Postfach 110135
33661 Bielefeld
Price: euro 25.90, discount 50%, postage to US for one book 7.- Euro (in 2004)

Hungarian, NT

For Orders: Péter Vohmann,
Nagybányai u. 15.
H-1025 Budapest, Hungary
Tel.+Fax: 0036-1-275-0197;
The NT is in two volumes, each costs $ 11. No discount on this price. Postage: registered mail to Europe $11, to the US $12. (in 2004)

Japanese, NT,

1st Volume is published, Matthew to Acts
Evangelical Publishers
8-9 Kotobuki cho 2 chome,
Fuchu shi, Tokyo 183-0056
TEL 042-366-7760
FAX 042-366-7790
3000 Yen per book

Korean, NT, 11 Volumes

Evangelical Publications Inc.
Sung Dong P. O. Box 80   
Seoul 133-600, Korea
fax 0082—344-917-4520
Mr Kwak Jae Young, director of Evangelical Publishers, cannot speak english, but his friend Mr Hoon does,
Mr Yoo Zee Hoon: fax 82-41-560 1470;
Mr Ki-sup is another Christian who speaks english and will help to forward your request. Both Mr Ki-sup and Mr Hoon do not work with the publishing house, but we may contact them.
Mr Ki-sup:>
whole price of a set (11books)+the shipping would be less than 80$ (in 2004)

Malayalam, NT

Copies of the commentary can be obtained from:
P.O.Box No. 5
Phone: 0473-615467 
Price (in 2004) IR 800.00 about $18.00 U.S. plus postage. The postage is about $5.00 to U.S.  10 books and over $12.00 each plus postage.  Payment: by cheque or bank draft payable to A/c# 42, Indian Overseas Bank, Mulakuzha Branch.

Polish, NT

Henryk Turkanik
at Fundacia Areopag
ul. Cleszynska 30
44-337 Jastrzebla Zoroj

Romanian, NT and OT

Postfach 110135
33661 Bielefeld
Price: euro 25.90, discount 50%, postage to US for book 7.- Euro
For the OT edition order also at:
Radu Gavrilut
Str. Aurel Vlaicu 15
3700 Oradea
Tel. 0040-259-447442
price per copy: 10.- Euro; subsidized price within Romania 4.- Euro (2004)

Russian, NT,

Postfach 110135
33661 Bielefeld
Price: Euro 25.90, discount 50%, postage to US for one book 13.- Euro (2004)

Spanish, NT and OT

Editorial CLIE c/ Galvani, 113, 
08224 Terrassa (Barcelona),
In the US: Spanish House, Miami, phone 1-800-767-7726
Retail $29.95, 40% for booksellers
1. Individuals wishing to order copies:
They may order them from our website The price is US$ 29.95 each for the Old and New Testament commentaries, shipping regardless of destination is 10% of total. Payment is by credit card.
Or they may go to our website and under the Points of sale button they can look up a bookstore in their area and order it through a bookstore.
2. Bookstores:
We do not sell directly to Booksellers rather they need to order from a national distributor. They should write us and we can direct them to a national distributor who will give them a discount. They should write to
3. Ministries or other groups who order large quantities: We can send orders of say 500 copies or more ourselves to any where in the world. We give a wholesale discount of 50% or better depending on the quantities and we charge actual shipping. Payment can be by check, VISA or bank transfer.
Eliseo Vila
Editorial CLIE
Galvani 113
Tel. (34) 93-788-4262
Fax (34) 93-780-0514

1st vol (Mt/John), 2nd Volume (Acts – Phil).
available at:
Serasker Cad. Sakiz Sokak,
Aytac 2 Han; No: 40/1
Kadikoey – Istanbul
0090-216-4142061 or 414 16 15, fax 3480526
The correct email for Yeni Yasam Yayinlari, the publishers of the BBC in Turkish is This is the owner's e-mail. His name is Ali Simsek, and he speaks good English.
(2004) The first volume sells for $ 5.00 for paperback and $ 7.00 for hardback. Bank transfer will be the best way paying us. For 20 and more copies you'll get 25% discount.

Urdu NT and 2 vol of OT Gen – Deut and Joshua - Esther

Masihi Isha'at Khana
36 Ferozepur Road
Lahore, 54600

Vietnamese, NT

John Short,
Christian Reading Room
P. O. Box 95413
Hong Kong SAR of China
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