Due Reverence

When we come into the presence of God we should never lose our sense of awe at the wonderful privilege given to us His creatures, that we can approach Him with all guilt removed by His precious blood and raised up by His grace to stand in His holy presence with boldness and unafraid. Let us remember when we address the Lord Jesus Christ in prayer that though He is a Glorified Man, He never ceased to be God. He is infinitely higher than we are, more than the heavens are higher than the earth. There has developed a sad familiarity in evangelical circles as to their method of addressing the Godhead, especially the Lord.
In the Scriptures it is worth noting that no one, not even His enemies, ever addressed the Lord as “Jesus” while He was here on earth. It was always “Lord,” “Master,” “Rabbi,” or “Teacher” or other terms of respect. Still less should we address Him only by His human name now that He is in heaven. In His grace He refers to Himself as “Jesus” (Acts 9:5; Rev. 22:16) as a monarch will say “I, George,” or “I, Elizabeth,” but it is not for His subjects to address Him thus.
The Holy Spirit often refers to Him as Jesus when the context so requires it, but we are dealing here, not with talking about Him, but speaking with Him.