The Perfect Assembly

If we only read the opening verses of the letter to the church in Ephesus (Rev. 2), we would no doubt come to the conclusion that the assembly was perfect.

The Lord commends them for their works. This was an active assembly. He speaks of their labor. They were not only active, but working to the point of exhaustion.

He also commends their patience. Often when we work hard, we quit early. Not so with the assembly at Ephesus. They were active, laboring, and they were not quitters.

He knew of their sensitivity to evil and they faithful administration of discipline. He knew of their knowledge of the Word and how they tried man making false claims, and found them to be liars.

However, despite the many things for which they could be commended, the discerning eyes of the Lord sensed a serious problem, they had "left their first love." They had fallen into a busy routine, and perhaps like Martha, had placed service above worship.

An important lesson to be learned is that an assembly can be busy and have the outward appearance of success, and yet its heart can be failing. It isn’t that we do not love Him any longer, but He no longer captivates the heart. Instead He competes with other things, even His work, for our affection and devotion. Nowhere may this be more evident than at the Lord’s Supper, where silence is often present among the busiest of saints.