Too Big for pictures

In May of this year my wife Nancy and I did something we rarely do—we took a vacation! Having some credits with an airline we decided to go somewhere we have never been. We chose to go to Arizona.

We went north from Phoenix into the beautiful red rock area of Sedona. Here huge and unique red rock formations reach high into the deep blue sky. A six mile drive up a very twisty, rough, and muddy mountain road gave us an indescribable view of the area.

We then preceded further north to the Grand Canyon. Approaching the canyon from the east there were barren, yet fascinating jade colored rolling hills. Then we came to the Grand Canyon and got our first look at the Desert View overlook. It was certainly too big for pictures! And for words! A canyon that averages ten miles wide and a mile deep, with its many colors, rugged peaks and deep canyons is beyond description. You are forced to admire sections of it at different overlook points, as the whole is just beyond words and pictures.

It reminded us of our great God. Too big to be described with words, or represented by an image. (Isa. 40:18–26). Thus Scripture beautifully presents different views and aspects of our Lord to us in order that finite creators might be able to appreciate in some measure His indescribable greatness. (Eph. 1:19)