Pharaoh: A Type Of The Devil

  1. Go and Sacrifice IN THE LAND (Exodus 8:25). He offers them liberty to sacrifice to God if they kept within the land under his rule. This means: Be Christians if you will, but don’t cast off the yoke of darkness; don’t break the link of your connection with sin. The devil will allow us to sacrifice to God if we only remain his slaves. “Ye cannot serve God and mammon” (Matt. 6:24).
  2. Go, only NOT VERY FAR AWAY (Exodus 8:28). As much as: If you must go beyond the boundary of my kingdom I will let you go if you don’t go so far away as to be out of sight. Alas, that so many seem to have accepted this condition, and try to live the Christian life with their eyes on Egypt. “Remember Lot’s wife” (Luke 17:32).  The dividing line should be as emphatic as death and resurrection (Romans 6:8). Are you an out of sight Christian, having escaped the corruption that is in the world. There is no getting within sight of Canaan until we get beyond the sight of Egypt.
  3. Go, YE THAT ARE MEN (Exodus 10:11). Save yourselves, but leave your wives and children behind. Entire separation is what Pharaoh and the devil dreads. He knew that they would not go too far, or remain away, who had left their families in Egypt. Such half-hearted service never does the kingdom of Satan much damage. “The promise is to you, and to your children” (Acts 2:39).
  4. Go, but LEAVE YOUR FLOCKS (Exodus 10:24). To leave their flocks meant to serve their God without a sacrifice. When the devil cannot possibly hinder you from going out of his kingdom, how he does seek to mar and murder your influence for good. The Israelites could not serve their God acceptably without personal sacrifice. No more can we. If the adversary can get between us and the sacrifice, separation and God-pleasing service will be impossible. How many today, in this matter, have gone the way of Cain in offering to God a service that has not been consecrated by blood. Let our answer to these wiles of the devil be the answer of Moses, the servant of God, “not a hoof shall be left behind” (Exodus 10:26).