All By One Man

In Romans 5:12-21, Paul brings before the Roman saints the great work of Christ in overcoming Adam’s sin and its devastation. He develops the truth of the state of mankind as being all subject to death because of Adam’s sin. But just as Adam in His one offense brought condemnation on all men, so Christ in His one righteous act has made justification available to all men. Thus, just as sin has reigned among men in that it has had the power of death over all men, so also grace can now reign by bringing men into a righteous standing which enables God to impart eternal life to all who believe, all of this being accomplished through Jesus Christ our Lord.

How awesome a work the Lord Jesus has accomplished! Adam in his sin brought the whole race of man to destruction. How easy it is for one man to destroy many by one act of sin! But how difficult it is, how great a task it is to bring those subject to destruction, those under condemnation, those who are dying—to bring them back to a place of life, and that being eternal life with a positively righteous standing before God! The most marvelous truth is that all of this has been accomplished by one man!

I think of how easy it is to destroy and how difficult it is to restore. I think of a condemned building. What may have brought it to such a state? Perhaps as little as neglect. Or perhaps, just one man in sin lighting a match to the building.

But what would it take to restore this building?! Could one man restore it? Could one man by one act restore it? How many men and how much planning would it take? How many hours and how much equipment and materials! How much money would have to be poured into this condemned building to restore it!

And the larger the building, the more the effort to restore. Yes, and the more devastated the building, the more extensive the labor. And still more—the more glorious the restored building, the greater the task.

What was the size of the project our Lord Jesus had to accomplish? All men! And how devastated were all men? The whole race was utterly condemned! All sinners, all subject to death, and none having any hope of restoring themselves! And yet by Jesus Christ, all can be made righteous and given eternal life! And how glorious is the restoration? “The free gift in grace abounded to the many.” Those who were once sinners, are now justified in the sight of God Himself who sees and knows all! Those once dead, now have eternal life; no longer and never again to be subject to death! What a place! What a change! And all by the One—Jesus Christ! How worthy of praise and worship He is!