He Is Worthy

Revelation 5:11-12

Jesus is worthy of our praise,
Worthy to be adored,
Seated at God's right hand on high.
Worthy is Christ our Lord.

All that I have belongs to Him
He gave His all for me.
His precious blood has made me clean.
From sin has set me free.

Worthy of honor for His work
Finished on Calvary's tree.
Obedient to his Father's will.
He bore sin's load for me.

I am not worth of such love,
That He should take my place.
This worthy One has died for me.
Now that's amazing grace.

Thankful for this remembrance here
Our Lord this feast has made.
His body shadowed in the bread,
His blood by wine portrayed.

As gathered 'round this worthy One,
Remembering what's He done.
Our tongues are loosed to praise His Name.
God's well beloved Son.

Worthy indeed is He alone.
Worthy of all our praise,
Worthy of our devotion too,
As on His face we gaze.