... to the largest archive on the net of written expository and topical ministry "new and old", by founders and noteworthies of the dispensational and so-called "Plymouth Brethren" movements as well as many others. Ken Engle's massive radio audio archive can be found here. The entire and partial archives of John Nelson Darby, William Kelly, H.A.

Ken Engle "Moments of Melody"

Random Reminiscences about Mr. MacDonald - December 2007

In 1950 when my father  Kenneth Engle (1924-2009) was preparing to go to the Philippines as a missionary William MacDonald handed Dad several 3X5 cards with about 20 assembly names, contact persons and phone numbers. Bill said "these are some who will want to learn about your burden to reach the lost, establish assemblies, and keep you in prayer." Dad visited each of these assemblies, and a number of them stood by and prayed for many years, and some continue to this day. Dad enjoyed many visits to Bill's dad and stepmother, 'Mac' and Mamie.

Five Missionary Martyrs

Scores of remarkable missionary stories in this century have been full of drama. We wonder, while so many have laid down their lives in China, Russia, the Congo and elsewhere, how is it that the muffled footsteps by that stretch of sand on the Curaray River still reverberate around us. It happened on the eastern side of the rugged Andes in Ecuador, in the expansive rain forest beyond. There, on January 8, 1956, the most publicized missionary massacre of this century occurred.

Nate Saint, jungle pilot, called that Sunday over the plane’s radio, “We are hoping for visitors at about 2:30. I’ll call you again at 4:35.” When his punctured body was pulled from the river, his wrist watch read 3:12.

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In the early 19th century, the Spirit moved independently on the hearts of several groups in England, Scotland, Ireland, and other places. With the truth of "justification by faith" having been reestablished by Luther and others, other men were then led to examine Scripture to determine how a local church or "assembly" of believers should function. Their studies brought them out of the denominations of the day, and they began to meet in simplicity unto the Person of Christ alone.

An Overview of Ecclesiastes

The Book of Ecclesiastes describes Solomon's search for the meaning of life, by his own unaided intellect and apart from divine revelation. His conclusion was that life is vanity and as futile as chasing the wind.

We know the book was written by Solomon because he was the only son of David who was king in Jerusalem, 1. 1. We do not know what period of his life he is describing.

The key to the book is the expression 'under the sun.' It occurs 29 times. Solomon tries to solve the riddle of life by his own wisdom and by his own observations. His conclusions are the same as you and I might draw if we did not have a Bible.

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